How to Get Cheap Flights

How to Get Cheap Flights

As we all know, flight tickets can be booked and bought online nowadays. Many ticketing agencies often offer special prices during certain holiday seasons of the year. Most of today ticketing agencies also have their own websites which make it easier for people to search their desired flights by themselves. People could also search for cheap flights on their own by browsing the websites. However, you have to be smart to get the cheap flight tickets. Here are some tips for you Cheap Flight Tickets in Indonesia for your holiday destinations.

Book seven weeks in advance

First of all, it is better to book your ticket seven weeks in advance. By booking earlier than the flight date, you could get cheap flight tickets. Therefore, you have to search for the flight far before the flight date. After you have found the desired tickets, it is wise to book them right away because usually the prices of flight tickets will go up gradually from time to time closer to the flight date. So, the first thing you have to do to get the cheap flight tickets is booking them, at least, seven weeks in advance.

Sign up for email alerts from your favourite airlines

Most airlines provide extra information to their customers via email. They often send emails to their customers that contain special offers or new information about their services. On the websites of airlines, usually there is an option column for anyone to sign up as member for their airline. Once you have signed up for it, they will send notifications containing special offers and information about their flights and services to your email. Therefore, the second thing you have to do is sign up for email alerts from your favourite airlines to get information regarding cheap flight tickets available from them.

Choose your credit card wisely

Flight tickets can be booked and bought online. The payment is usually done by online banking from your credit card. Each type of credit card has different payment system and regularity. You have to select and choose your credit card wisely in order to book and pay the flight tickets because not all credit cards could be used for the payment of flight tickets. Each airline allows only certain types of credit cards to be used for their payment which is why you have to do so.

Shop for flights on Tuesday afternoon and Buy a one way ticket to your destination

Another tips to get cheap flight tickets is to shop for flights on Tuesday afternoon. Offers for cheap flight tickets are often available on Tuesday afternoon. Thus, put in mind or set a reminder to yourself on your mobile phones or on email alert to do not miss Tuesday afternoon to shop for flights. You might regret what you would have missed because of your unawareness of the day. The last but not the least is to buy a one way ticket to your destination and back. Buying one way ticket could be more advantageous than buying two-way. One way ticket could be cheaper and is a better option if you are not sure about how long you are about to stay in that place. After you have decided the return date, you should buy the return ticket right away so that the ticket price is not significantly high.